Patrick has a personal story that includes emotional abuse combined with years of experience with helping people stuck in the secret and dark world of being emotionally destroyed. His truthful and intimate communication will help the reader know someone gets it and can help.


Patrick Doyle has over thirty years of working with people from all over in treatment centers, churches, and through his professional office.

His authentic and transparent way of leadership has drawn followers from all over the world.

Patrick’s own story of emotional and physical abuse has resonated with many. His personal story of pain and survival has filled others with hope.

As a public speaker, Patrick takes difficult conversations head on, communicating hard truths with honesty and safety. He leads with wise counsel, compassion, empathy, and caring validation. His perspective comes from a place of personal experience. Patrick’s caring approach has transformed many.

Patrick Doyle is passionate about connecting with people so that they may see their individual value and as a result, experience the freedom from the lies that destroy their wellness of spirit. His hope is that others will partner with him in helping others see, believe, and act on their intrinsic value.

Patrick lives in beautiful Southern Oregon.

On his down time, he enjoys spending time with his two adult sons, reading a good book, or experiencing a new adventure with people he is close with.


“Patrick “gets it” unlike anyone else. He has the ability to size up a situation and pack in an incredible amount of relevant advice in a short amount of time. He cuts to the chase and gets to the meat quickly.”

“Patrick recognizes unhealthy and emphasizes action. He really gets people thinking on their own.”

“I felt the complete freedom to be honest with my issues and problems. I realized I am only as sick as my secrets and I felt the complete freedom to be there in the “mud “ of my situation with no fluff.”

“Patrick was my first counselor that I felt didn’t try and sugar coat the situation or spiritualized it. It was because of this that we could work on the reality of my problems. He constantly pointed me to God and reminded me how faithful HE is.”

 “Patrick helped me understand that I am not crazy but deeply wounded. He helped me heal.”

“My interactions with Patrick were full of vulnerability which made me personally more comfortable. I was free to be vulnerable because I was sitting with someone who was real.”

“Patrick gently made me aware of the reality of my situation. He was very patient helping me unravel it all and I never felt judged.”

“I feel more valuable. Patrick spoke God’s heart for me. Even though it too took a long time, I really began to believe that God loved me and I could trust Him. God used Patrick to slowly begin rescuing, restoring and redeeming my life.”

“Patrick helped pull me out of the stronghold of religion into relationship.”

“When a friend first told me about Patrick, I was just beginning my journey toward the end of a 16 year marriage. I watched his video on emotional abuse and was pretty sure I said, “Yes! Exactly!” The entire time. There was actually a name for what I was experiencing, and I was pretty sure he had been a fly on my wall for the past 16 years. He is a straight shooter, tells it like it is, and understands and unwraps issues in a way no other counselor or pastor I had been to ever had. His deep understanding of the church, church abuse, relationships, unhealthy pathologies, and how to get healthy helped me gather my thoughts, make sense of what I was living and gave me the tools and courage I needed to make big changes for the better.”

“For the first time ever, I was being validated and empowered to make healthy changes. And the best part... I wasn’t crazy! After feeling that way for so many years, there was an indescribable relief and freedom in that.”

"With Patrick’s help, I was able to start making sense of everything and get my head in a better place. He is clear and relatable.”

“Patrick’s counseled me with compassion and understanding; a God given level of discernment that was life changing for both my children and me.”

You “get it” unlike anyone else.
— Client